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  • Since 2004 - Newspapers operations are easy with POP - Press Optimization Planner

    POP - Press Optimization Planner

    Time and circulation is money

    Print media was hit very strong by digitalization. Managing distribution network, predicting optimal circulation in a lean way was an asset of POP since the very first day.

    It is more than just calculating the average...

    Consider more than just numbers

    Predicting the right circulation has many influencing factors like:

    • wheather
    • breaking news
    • school holidays and public holidays
    • new roads and buildings

    Why can't we consider them on a daily base? Or can we?

    Check our POP AI module.

    After writing the newspaper - the hard work starts...

    POP let's collaborate all partners on one single platform:

    • newspaper
    • printing plants
    • transport partners
    • hand distribution
    • maintenance and more

    ...data flows effortless back to reporting teams, marketing or management...

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