Singleton Solutions

Singleton Solutions  was founded by people which worked and proofed their business skills in the pre-digital era in the transportation, logistics and construction world. Based on the shared vision, successful PoC and first client, Singleton Solutions was founded in 2004 in Zürich - Switzerland.

About Us

CEO / Co-Founder

Dejan Milosavljevic - CEO and Co-Founder of Singleton Solutions GmbH

Dejan Milosavljevic - During my study as engineer of computer science in Zurich/Switzerland, I worked as a freelancer on various projects where I coded my first enterprise applications. From beginning I liked to connect "real business" with latest concepts from the software world. Since 2004 I am happy to be in the driving seat of Singleton Solutions where we can as a team take part on the mission of business digitalization through our enterprise software.

Advisor / Co-Founder

Amer Mohammed - Co-Founder of Singleton Solutions GmbH

Amer Mohammed - My first job as a software developer was at Singleton Solutions. I could apply the learned skills through various projects outside the company (creator of Healthy Heroes, Head of Digital Innovations at Stena Line, just to mention some) and join the advisory board of Singleton Solutions today on innovative, strategic and network level.

Our Development Team

Bojana Bankovic - Developer at 4IT / Singleton Solutions GmbH

In 2007 we founded our own near-shore team, which today counts 20 best educated and highly motivated members, organized in autonomous scrum teams. Visit the homepage of our subsidiary 4IT or follow the team on social media.