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For Free Newspapers - Circulation, Distribution Management and much more...

"All-in-one" for optimal circulation, distribution and logistics management for free newspapers. An in-house production of Singleton Solutions.
One of the very first enterprise solutions we built. Today, 10 years later, it`s the leading full-process distribution software for free newspapers in Europe, covering the entire process range in press distribution starting at production planning through to route tracking and live process monitoring. 

With over 30 years of combined experience in the publishing and logistic business of Singleton`s management we have a high business understanding in these areas.

Key System USP-s:
-Fully web based, accessible using any browser
-Connects all aspects of production - logistics
-Centralized data, using one single SQL database
-Multi-level role based security allowing access for partners and subcontractors
-Day-to-day monitoring and data export for:
  • Printing plants
  • Transportation companies
  • Service providers
  • Project Managers
-Web services utilization. POP communicates with third party software or hardware (scanners)
-Real-time reporting services. As the data is centralized, every aspect of the system can be queried and analyzed. 
-POP is using an iOS App for distribution track+trace and on-site reporting e.g. returns, Proof-of-delivery, and rack status.

Key Benefits:
-Drastic reduction of returns / over-production (user cases prove decrease to max of 3% over-production)
-Increased range and more readers
-Efficient route planning through real-time communication between dispatcher and driver
-Efficient and fast reporting about local distribution boxes (damages, cleanliness, workings)

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